Our Mission

Unfortunately, cancer knows no borders. Its tentacles are firmly entrenched on newly diagnosed patients daily, across the globe.

Israel, the land so close to our hearts, is no exception. The insidious cancer beast stalks there as well.

Cancer is an unrelenting enemy. Yet it’s met its match with RCCS/Yerushalayim. Medical experts in the United States agree that most cancers can be treated in Israel as well as in the US. When a patient in Israel has to travel to the United States for treatment, in most cases it uproots their entire family and causes a financial burden that they may never crawl out from.

Therefore, it is advantageous to be treated in Israel, whenever possible.

In many cases, RCCS/Y makes it possible. Under the direction of a team of top-level oncologists and medical experts, RCCS/Y has devised a pilot system to enable these patients to be ‘triaged’ and seen by a top-level oncologist who specializes in that patient’s particular cancer, within 48 hours.


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