Success Story

Success Story:

He couldn’t breathe.

He wished that he could swallow the glorious air by freely gulping, but his lungs were constricted in fear.

“I was just informed by the doctor that the lab work points to cancer of the colon, not lungs! Breathe lungs, breathe!” David Levkovitz* of Jerusalem, 29-year old father of three, furiously ordered his unresponsive lungs.

Air slowly began entering David’s body at a normal rate. So why did he feel like a deflated balloon?

* * * * *

All arrows pointed towards Dr. Slomowitz, top oncologist in Israel specializing in colon cancer. Logic dictated to obtain an appointment with Dr. Slomowitz immediately. Through David’s Kupath Cholim socialized medicine coverage, David’s chance of receiving an appointment was practically nil.

David reached out to RCCS/Y.

Thirty-six hours after David’s diagnosis found him in Dr.Slomowitz’s office, with his pale, yet supportive, wife by his side.

After extensively reviewing all of David’s medical details, Dr. Slomowitz handed him a clearly outlined path forward for optimal curability. This was the key that the oncologist of the government funded Kupath Cholim system would be following religiously.

David left Dr. Slomowitz’s office with his medical file clutched in his right hand. His left hand grasped something intangible, yet priceless: Hope.

Thanks to RCCS/Y

David has hope for his future.

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